E-books. Collection of Letters

Menéndez Pelayo’s Collection of Letters is made up of 22 volumes of letters written and received by him. They were published on paper between 1982 and 1990.

Click on any of the covers and  the e-book will be automatically downloaded in ePub format. If you want to view the contents of each volume or read it online, go to "Epistolario".


Epistolario vol. 1    Epistolario vol. 2    Epistolario vol. 3    Epistolario vol. 4    Epistolario vol. 5    Epistolario vol. 6    Epistolario vol. 7    Epistolario vol. 8    Epistolario vol. 9    Epistolario vol. 10    Epistolario vol. 11    Epistolario vol. 12    Epistolario vol. 13    Epistolario vol. 14    Epistolario vol. 15    Epistolario vol. 16    Epistolario vol. 17    Epistolario vol. 18    Epistolario vol. 19    Epistolario vol. 20    Epistolario vol. 21    Epistolario vol. 22