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Bureau Veritas Certification, under ENAC accreditation, has granted the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation in 2021 a new certificate [see the certificate] by which it recognizes that its Quality Management System complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The Foundation has earned this certificate, which is reviewed every three years, since it was requested in 2006.

The Management System applies to:

  • Promotion of Charity in Social Relations
  • Analysis of the role of Independent Institutions
  • Study of the historical influence of Carlism on Spanish society
  • Promotion of Studies and actions of a Scientific Nature of general non-profit interest
  • This certificate, which confirms the quality and effectiveness of our Management System, endorses our desire to maintain an ascending line of progress to give the most appropriate response at all times to our statutory purposes.


Statutes of the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation


Annual accounts

Fiscal year 2021 (PDF, 2 MB)| Fiscal year 2020 (PDF, 2 MB) | Fiscal year 2019 (PDF, 2 MB) | Fiscal year 2018 (PDF, 2 MB) | Fiscal year 2017 (PDF, 7 MB) | Fiscal year 2016 (PDF, 8 MB) | Fiscal year 2015 (PDF, 8 MB)

Audit report

2021 Report (PDF, 2MB)| 2020 Report (PDF, 409 KB) | 2019 Report (PDF, 332 KB) | 2018 Report (PDF, 2 MB) | 2017 Report (PDF, 2 MB) | 2016 Report (PDF, 2 MB) | 2015 Report (PDF, 2 MB)

Management policy

The Ignacio Larramendi Foundation makes its document on Management Policy freely available to the public, where it outlines its social and scientific objectives.

—Read the document Management Policy.