Europeana Case Study

Detalle de infografía para el caso de estudio de EDM: la Biblioteca Virtual de Francisco Sánchez el Escéptico,

Europeana chose  Virtual Library of Francisco Sánchez the Sceptic as a case study of EDM, as can be seen on the EuropeanaPro website, under "EDM Case studies": The Polymath Virtual Library and EDM.

This case study is based on the use of links between the authority records of polygraphs in the Polymath Virtual Library usingMARC21.

The records are linked to each other through 5XX fields, in which the semantic relationship between them is recorded. This semantic relationship is noted thanks to the ontology of the DBpedia. Thus, if one author has influenced another, this is coded by the property



|‎$0‎|FILA20120027589|‎$a‎|Milá y Fontanals, Manuel|‎$d‎|1818-1884|‎$4‎|
|‎$i‎|Influido por|‎$w‎|i

And if the author has in turn influenced another author, it is coded by means of the property



|‎$0‎|POLI20090015128‎$a‎|Unamuno, Miguel de|‎$d‎|1864-1936|‎$4‎||$i‎|‎Influye

Just as the authors are related to each other, they are also linked to the subject records to codify a person's field of activity. In this case, the relationships established by the 372 field of the MARC21 format are used.




And finally, the authors are linked, through URIs, to the most appropriate value vocabularies such asVIAFdatos.bne.esISNIORCID, etc.

For this purpose, "reconciliation of values" processes in different vocabularies have been carried out in a semi-automatic way.

For more information see the article "Data Aggregation and Dissemination of Authority Records through Linked Open Data in a European Context". Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, Vol. 50 , Iss. 8, 2012.