Carta marina con el Mar de España, de Gerard van Keulen (s. XVII).

The discovery of America, its meticulous exploration, the analysis of the languages spoken by the Native Americans, its ethnographic study, proved the high intellectual, scientific and technical qualification of Spanish and Portuguese people. Soon, Americans, Creoles, or the natives themselves would join in.

The exploration also logically covered the fauna and flora of the new world, which was so different, and allowed for a productive comparative study. In addition, the circumnavigation of the globe was completed, thanks to the expertise and cosmographic and nautical knowledge of the Hispanic peoples, and the first global cycle was extended - the Nao of Manila is paradigmatic - sharing knowledge between America, Asia and Europe.

This new Virtual Library is the counterpoint to the one dedicated to the School of Salamanca, dedicated to law, economics and philosophical thought, also shaken by the discovery of Columbus.


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