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Patata — Solanum tuberosum. Lámina

The reader will find a series of links to certain Web sites on this page, which display very interesting information, in the opinion of the librarian, and that are related to the objectives of this virtual library.

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Documentary source guides for archives. Centre for Documentary Archive Information (CIDA in Spanish), under the Subdirectorate General of State Archives of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

A set of 5 source guides including the SOURCE GUIDE TO THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (TABLE), covering the areas of Medicine and Health, Physics and Chemistry, Botany and Mining. It contains more than 15000 descriptive references of documents deposited in the following archives:

• National Historical Archive (Madrid);
• Royal Botanical Garden Archive (Madrid);
• The General Archive of the Navy (Viso del Marques, Ciudad Real);
• Institute of Technology and Geomining Archive (Madrid);
• Historical Archive of Hunosa (Langreo, Asturias);
• Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Complutense Archive (Madrid);
• Hospital Gregorio Marañón Archive (Madrid);
• Hospital of San Rafael Archive (Madrid);
• Infectious Diseases Hospital Archive (Hospital del Rey, Madrid);
• Hospital Clínico de San Carlos Archive (Madrid);
• Archives for Different Centres of the Administration in Bilbao, Barcelona and Granada;
Gregorio Marañón Foundation Archive (Madrid).

[The Ignacio Larramendi Foundation thanks CIDA for sending this link].

Written America: Americanist collections in Spanish university libraries. a virtual tour, with comments on the works, of the exhibition organised by the Rebiun Heritage Group with the collaboration of the Indies Archive in 2010, which showed a selection of works on American themes or printed in the new world owned by Spanish university libraries; chapter 5 of the exhibition is devoted to science and technology. There is also a printed catalogue of the exhibition published in 2010.

[The Ignacio Larramendi Foundation thanks Rebuin for sending this link].

-Latin America and the Caribbean in the World Digital Library. More than 70 Mesoamerican codices digitized and available for online consultation.

The first books of the Americas. 16th-century American prints in libraries around the world.

Exploring the Early Americas. Library of Congress.

Cartographic collections of the National Geographic Institute, 16th-19th centuries. Ministry of Public Works.

Digital Collection of Maps, Plans and Drawings from the Simancas General Archive. PARES News. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Maps of the Digital Hispanic Library. National Library of Spain.

Nautical letters of the Digital Hispanic Library. National Library of Spain.

Latin America in the collections of the Virtual Library of Bibliographic Heritage. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Design America. The Spanish route of the United States. National Library of Spain.

Portuguese historical cartography. Catalogue of manuscripts (17th-18th centuries). Royal National Academy of History.

The sources of a 16th century Castilian cosmographer. History and Maps Blog.

General Archive of the Indies of Seville. Maps and Plans Catalogue. Cartographic Chronicles Blog: Urban History and Cartography.

The Discovery and Exploration collection. The Library of Congress.

López Piñero Institute for the History of Medicine and Science (IHMC)). CSIC and Universitat de València.

Spanish scientists to remember. Heritage Madri+d. Community of Madrid.

Spain’s Fortune Virtual Exhibition. Science Cervantes Virtual Centre

Spanish biologists where you can consult many of the polygraphs that have been selected in the Natural Sciences section. Natural History of this Virtual Library.

—The Ibero-Amerikanische Institut Library in Berlín.

Virtual Library of Yucatán.

Review by Juan A. Ortega of the work of José María López Piñero: El arte de navegar en la España del Renacimiento (Teoría y técnica del arte español de navegar del siglo XVI) (The art of sailing in Renaissance Spain (Theory and technique of 16th century Spanish art of sailing)), Barcelona, Editorial Labor, 1979. In Novohispana History Studies, No. 008, January 1985, pp. 328-332.

- Article by Professor Carlos Viesca Treviño of the Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine, National Autonomous University of Mexico. Dr. Nicolás Monardes, a pioneer in the study and use of Mexican medicinal plants, and his medical history of the West Indies.

Discovery and conquest in the Chilean Memory collection of the National Library of Chile, a very interesting site where many of the polygraphs selected in this virtual library will be recognised.

—We also find on the Web some pages with very acceptable biographies of the authors collected here, such as Buscabiografías, which offers us a good biography of Bernardino de Sahagún, or from which we give the example of Pedro Cieza de León, and the page Biografías y vidas that offers us most of the biographies of the main characters of our Library.